What’s My Story?


I spent the first quarter century of my life in my native North Carolina, steeping in the storytelling tradition. Then I moved to the Northwest in 1999, seeking refuge from the Y2K bug. Tacoma is my current home. I live here with my husband, son, daughter, and a stockpile of grits.

Over the years, I’ve worked as an actor, a stage manager, a fundraiser, and I spent fifteen years as a host, producer, and editor in both commercial and public radio, including KUOW Public Radio in Seattle. Find the details at my LinkedIn page.

Now I produce story-centered events, serve as a story consultant for nonprofits and individuals, coach people in public speaking, and tell my own stories. Tacoma’s true-to-life staged story show, Drunken Telegraph, was my three-year exploration of the community-building power of storytelling.


Here are some stories about me and my work:

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