Whirlpool Duet Sport Error Code ‘5d’ falls under the heading of “Jobs Tackled by Dad”.

While the kids and I ate vegetable beef soup, he got down on his hands and knees in front of the washing machine, opened the pipe and withdrew:

– 1 small rag

– 6 paper clips

– 4 hair bands

– 32 cents consisting of: 1 quarter, 1 nickel, 2 pennies – all tinted green

– Gray 3×2 Lego piece

– 1 sock

– pebbles (rock variety, not Flintstones)

– 1 bungee cord

– 2 gallons of foul-smelling gray water


Somewhere in the last four and a half months of laundry, these items slipped from our lives without notice. But, they wouldn’t be forgotten forever, as is the case with many things we casually stuff in pockets. They demanded someone kneel before their minuscule power to jam up the works (even though that someone just got home from an incredibly long day of unblocking the pipes that carry blood through people’s bodies).

When he finally made it to the dinner table, we all agreed that Dad is awesome and that we haven’t told him that near often enough. He looked at his bowl, not so appetizing after what he just witnessed.

The kids and I agreed that Dad shouldn’t have to do laundry for a while.

Making Dad Feel Better falls under the heading of “Jobs Tackled by the Rest of the Family”.