Cattainer Garden

No container garden is complete without a potted feline. Its fuzzy foliage picks up the Spring sunlight in ways impossible to the average photosynthesizing plant. Plus, the potted feline will provide the dedicated DHB (“Dirty House Beautiful”) gardener with years of surprises. Season after season, the DHB gardener can find ¬†cleverly hidden ‘offerings’ in the very soil where you intend to root new, blooming flowers.

Luckily, this invasive species often volunteers itself into the garden, making it a perfect specimen for the ‘lazy gardening’ techniques that are endorsed by DHB. In fact, this potted feline took up residence in a pot that originally housed a lush, fragrant, culinary bay laurel. The bay plant provided tasty leaves that flavored hundreds of soups and stews. Within time, though, the rootless feline discovered the ideal sun location of the pot, uprooted the laurel plant and took its place.

Even if you notice the feline is often missing from its spot, do not rush to replace the bare dirt with another carefully selected greenery. Once the potted feline lays claim to a vessel, it is his. Novice DHB gardeners may despair at the loss of precious plants to the potted feline, but be assured that this is a blessing in disguise.

The best course of action is to accept the blank spot among your containers, viewing it as a metaphor for the space you should leave open in your life for future opportunities. If you fill every fertile spot in your schedule with obligation, you might miss out on the unexpected surprise of finding the kind of fleeting contentment that is so evident on the face of this transient container garden resident.

Cattainer CloseUp